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Closing Out the Year

First, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope whatever celebration you embrace brings you joy and an opportunity to be with family and friends. For some, it may be time to embrace yourself in reflection or whatever activity is special for you. Being around other people is not always what one needs, even at this time of year.

Anyone who has been with me on this journey of the website recognizes I haven’t been updating as routinely as I have in the past. Last year with the release of Mystery of the Last Olympian: Titanic’s Tragic Sister and numerous other commitments, time became especially tight. I shall make what is obviously happening official then. I post to the blog three to four times a week and as you can see, the most recent of those posts are shown on this website. Blog posts range from food and drink, travel, scuba fun, thoughts on modern life, etc., and I occasionally have guest bloggers. I invite you to join the blog either through this website or by going directly to it using

My writing projects have lagged a bit behind because one I am involved with is another non-fiction I am not at liberty to discuss yet and I admit it is out of my comfort zone. It’s an interesting project, but has been more time-consuming than I expected. Another project is a new novel unlike anything I’ve written in the past. As soon as I work out a few more details, I will explain about it. I have returned to Verde Key to bring Shades of Deception which I hope to have ready in early summer and the fourth book in the “Small Town Series” (quilting themed cozies) will be underway once I have the others done.

And speaking of writing, I of course urge you to buy books as gifts. There’s time to request an autograph card if you send a hard copy of a book to someone and I keep the price on Kindle books low on those I control to make it very easy to give them as well.

So again, Happy Holidays and best wishes for the coming New Year.