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Coming Up on Saint Patrick’s Day!

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that we were in Paris last month and I’m not entirely sure where January went. My sympathies for those still with lots of snow and ice and here’s hoping you get a break from that before too long.

I do have an update on Small Town Quilting Blues that I am expecting to now have out in late April. These delays occur at times for various reasons and I trust that it will be worth the wait. In fact with this being the third book in the series, I include a section in the back of the book with the major recurring characters and some of the new ones that I introduce. Helen and three of the quilting circle members head out for a quilting cruise in the Caribbean and when they return home, there is a controversy brewing in town about an organization that wants to open a group home for special needs adults. Several members of the circle are convinced that there is a deeper motivation than is in the publically stated objections. On the personal side, Helen is trying to work through her conflicting emotions of what type of relationship she wants to have with Max.

As for the scuba-related writing, I had an interesting message passed to me from a fan that was down diving with my husband. He wanted to know when the next Chris Green or Bev Henderson novel was coming out and that is a bit fuzzier. I’m taking everyone back to Verde Key to catch up with Police Detective Bev Henderson, and it will probably be November before I have that one out. I’m involved with a non-fiction project that I can’t really discuss yet that has the potential to cause ripples in my schedule. On the other hand, if it comes about, it will be a really exciting endeavor that I will be thrilled to be a part of.

I truly am going to try to be better with monthly website updates, but I do urge you to visit Charlie’s Corner Café where I post three to four times a week. Don’t forget that Mother’s Day will be coming up before too long and books make great gifts!