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Small Town Quilting Blues is Ready!

After a longer delay than I had planned, Small Town Quilting Blues is available on-line and the Kindle version should be ready at the end of April. As always, I’ve posted the full first chapter for your enjoyment. With Mother’s Day around the corner, if you have someone who enjoys quilting or other fabric crafting, the collection of Small Town Lies, Small Town Haven, and now Blues is something to consider as a gift.  While the Kindle prices for Lies and Haven are higher than I would like, I have no control over those costs, but Blues will be offered at only $2.49. Giving books through Kindle is really quite easy and if you choose to have paperbacks shipped instead, I have the autograph card option. That’s where you send me an email with the name, mailing address of the recipient, and how many books you ordered. I send the recipient a letter, bookmark, and an autograph card for each book.

On the personal front, I’ve joined many of my contemporaries in becoming a grandmother. Little Amelia Margaret was born March 13th – yes it was a Friday. She was due March 25th and apparently decided that she wasn’t particularly interested in waiting. Since most first babies are often late, that did rather cut down on the last-minute preparations mom and dad were planning to do, but everyone came through just fine. The Bowen McCauley Dance Company had their world premiere of Victory Road (a fantastic show) scheduled for April 10-11, and we were booked to go up for that and meet what would have been a two-week old granddaughter. Fortunately, Grami from the Maine side of the family was available to pop down and help in those first few days so we held off. When we went up, it was a wonderful weekend with a lot of excitement.

I hope those who have had the hard winters are beginning their thaws and pretty blossoms are taking hold. If you haven’t visited Charlie Corner Café yet to follow my blog, please do pop in and see what all we talk about.