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Sudden showers in bright sunshine

When in the tropics or semi-tropics, one of the weather events is having to turn your windshield wipers on as the sun glares through. In situations like this, you can also frequently watch as the band of rain moves in your direction, usually with a stiff wind behind it. These “passing thunderstorms” or “squalls” or whatever the exact term is don’t usually last more than 15-30 minutes, but it definitely seems longer if you’re caught in one. For South Florida, this is our rainy season as it precedes the Hurricane Season – well, actually, overlaps with it. But unless there is a specific system, the weather report will inevitably include 30% chance of passing showers because of the time of year. Oddly enough, what we don’t get here are a lot of rainbows as we did in places like Puerto Rico or Hawaii. We get them, just not as often.

The tropical flowers have been waiting for these showers and one of our orchids has popped open with blooms, one other is on the verge, and one is stubbornly refusing to have so much as a promising bud. We aren’t as knowledgeable about orchids as we would like to be, so perhaps that one is a variety that only blooms once or twice a year. Most of the migrating birds have headed to points north, although we have a wonderful year-round population and never suffer from a lack of birds to see. Several of the neighborhood green parrots usually streak over the house at least once a day.

The writing front is busy for the summer and as soon as I find out what the publishing schedule will be for Small Town Quilting Blues, I’ll give an update. Georgina’s Grief will be the next Chris Green scuba-related novel and that will probably be an October release. More to follow on both of those, but in the meantime, don’t forget that Kindle books are easy to give if you want to introduce someone to my books. All you need is the other person’s email address and a few clicks on Since I was talking about flowers, Irises to Ashes is a great summer read and I prefer people to buy it through Kindle or Nook because of the higher than usual cover price for the paperback version.

Here’s hoping you have some nice plans for the next several weeks!