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Fall Into a Good Book

Fall Into A Good Book is a phrase that I can’t resist at this time of year. Notwithstanding the fact that it is pleasant to be able to go scuba diving in the fall, what we don’t get with the change of seasons are the beautiful colors and the crispness that comes with those gorgeous autumn days. You know the kind that I mean; that clear blue of the sky, the sun slanting through gold, yellow, orange, and red leaves that haven’t fallen yet. In early mornings, there might be the curl of wood smoke coming from chimneys. There is a brightness to the days like that you can’t find at any other time of year. And yes, for me, taking a book out onto the porch or deck with a favorite beverage and relaxing is a memory that I hold dear no matter where it is that I live now.

And speaking of books, here is the latest status. Georgina’s Grief is due out in October and as soon as I have a release date, we will post that along with Chapter One. Chris Green is back in the Bahamas for a little treasure hunting and to spend some time with Jeff. An unexpected call from a potential new client with a very lucrative offer takes her to New Orleans. The job calls for a degree of confidentiality that seems excessive and Chris is correct in thinking that there is more to the story than is being revealed to her. Meeting a hunk of a detective who works organized crime provides some answers. It is the second job that the client wants her to take that is shrouded in far more mystery than almost everyone knows. The sinking of a yacht fifteen years prior set a series of tragedies into motion for then ten-year-old Georgina Baker. Haunted by the loss of her father, she is hoping to find some degree of closure if the yacht can be located. It is the truth behind what happened that night that is a closely held secret – a secret worth killing for.

It isn’t quite holiday time yet, but if you haven’t tried giving books through Kindle, it really is very simple. All you need is the recipient’s email address and it takes less than three minutes to have a book flying through cyberspace. Of course, if you prefer the old-fashioned method, don’t forget that you can send one of my books to someone, then ask for an autograph card through this web site. I will send the card, a note, and a bookmark to the recipient.

Happy Reading, and don’t forget to visit my blog, by dropping in to Charlie’s Corner Café and roaming around among the posts.