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Spring is heading into summer, isn’t it?

The weeks have been flying by as so often seems to happen. Our South Florida temperature hit 91 yesterday, although that is a spike this time of year even for us. If you follow my blog – and if not, do give It a look – you’ll know we have a new orchid that seems to be thriving. We haven’t managed to do well with one in a pot yet and have hopes this time.

For news on the writing front, the one book project I’ve been working on is in the publishing phase with an intended release of late June. If you are a baseball fan, especially of the late 1980s through early 2000s, you might know of the catcher Benito Santiago.  Like so many Puerto Rican boys and others from the Caribbean islands, he grew up with baseball as a dream of leaving poverty. At age seventeen he achieved part of his dream and signed with the San Diego Padres into their Minor League system. In leaving the small, close-knit island, he never realized how grueling the next few years would be. When he was called up to the majors in 1986, he also didn’t realize how fleeting twenty years could be.

Benito Santiago Behind the Mask is filled with personal and professional insights into his struggles with language and culture as he was in the first wave of Latino baseball players following the great Roberto Clemente. His triumphs were everything he’d imagined and a tragic car wreck would have ended the career of many other players. Benito persevered in a testament to medical technology and personal determination. Even though neither my husband nor I follow baseball, it has been an interesting project and I have learned a great deal about baseball. Benito’s memories and words are woven into third person context.

Once Behind the Mask is in the final stage of publishing, I will have an update on the other two books in progress.