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Need a Guest Speaker?

Charlie Hudson enjoys guest speaking and has several set topics she provides, or she can customize a presentation in many cases.

  • “Defining Your Life List/Bucket List” – When it’s time to prioritize fantasy and practicality.
  • “Setting Yourself Up for the Fun Second (or Third) Career – Tips on how to prepare for the fun career.
  • “Capturing Family Memories” – Ideas to capture your family history or personal memoirs
  • “Someone You Know Wants to be a Writer – Now What?” – Tips on how to balance reality and making the dream come true
  • “Women and Scuba: Take the Plunge” – Scuba as a sport for women and families
  • “An Inadvertent Pioneer in the Army” – Based on Charlie’s 22-year Army career and some of her groundbreaking assignments
  • “Empowering Girls and Women” – From homemaker to astronaut to CEO of a Fortune 500 company – it’s about having choices

If you have a specific topic in mind, contact Charlie to see if she can tailor one for your audience. Fax or email for more information. Fax: 305 847-0268; Email: