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With ghosts, princesses, superheroes, and assorted other Halloween creatures put away until next year, we do have Thanksgiving around the corner and then the entire string of holidays. Stay bundled up to those who are about to enter the cold part of the year and welcome back to seasonal residents who will be making their way to Florida soon. On the other hand, those cold days do make it nice to sit next to a glowing fire (natural or otherwise) with a good book.

Georgina's Grief came out the first part of October and Chris Green fans are having a good time with it. The book begins back in the Bahamas where Chris is enjoying some treasure diving and a call takes her to New Orleans where she is drawn into a fifteen-year-old mystery. As always, the full Chapter One is posted on the site.

A quick word about Small Town Quilting Blues, which is the third in the quilting cozy series after Small Town Lies and Small Town Haven. There was a delay for several reasons, but I am expecting to have that book out in March. I’ll keep readers posted about the progress.

Books do make wonderful gifts and Amazon makes it very easy to send Kindle books if you haven’t tried that yet. I do still have the autograph card service that you can use for yourself or to accompany a gift if you have a book shipped to someone.

And if you haven’t dropped into Charlie’s Corner Café, please do come try it out.