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Shades of Truth

By Charlie Hudson

Order from Amazon Read Sample Chapter Order from Barnes & Nobel Shades of Murder Take one leggy police detective with an attitude, mix in a puzzling investigation, blend with warm Florida Keys waters and add a dash of small town humor for a delicious treat.

Second generation cop, Police Detective Bev Henderson, surfaces from a pleasant day of scuba diving with her Assistant DA boyfriend, Kyle, and their instructor, Chris Green, to hear news of an assault against State Senator Warren Randall in his West Palm Beach office. The assailant was shot dead by Mike Noonan, the Senator’s security chief. It is of little interest until the dead man is identified as Jonah Shepard, a resident of Verde Key and the West Palm Beach police request a routine check of Jonah’s home. Bev and her partner, Les, soon learn that Cindy Green, Chris Green’s sister, was having an affair with Jonah and she is now missing.

According to the evidence, it seems obvious that Cindy must have discovered Jonah’s intent and he killed her, yet the logical conclusion doesn’t hold up to details Bev uncovers. Despite his charisma and charm, Bev’s instincts are alerted by glib answers from Senator Randall and clipped responses from Mike Noonan.

If, as was reported in the press, Jonah’s motive in attacking the senator was to seek revenge for his sister’s suicide more than twenty years prior, why wait so long? And is there any basis for rumors of Mike Noonan’s connection to a Chicago crime figure? As Bev searches for the truth, she doesn’t care that Senator Randall is the son-in-law of a wealthy and powerful man – she cares about a growing body count in what should have been an open and shut case.

Shades of Truth is filled with realistic characters who could be your friends, neighbors or enemies. From Emma Henderson who nags Bev because Kyle hasn’t proposed yet, to the chilling Mike Noonan, you will be drawn into a story of sex, power, lies and death. It is a story of vengeance gone wrong, Bev’s relentless belief in justice and the ability of those with influence to paint the truth in shades of other than black and white.