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Need a Guest Speaker?

Charlie Hudson enjoys guest speaking and has several set topics she provides, or she can customize a presentation in many cases.

  • “How to Create a Quilting Cozy” Based on her popular novels, Small Town Lies and Small Town Haven of the Helen Crowder Adventure Series, Charlie shows how she created the town of Wallington, Georgia and the members of the quilting circle that are featured in the books. This is an audience participation presentation where she urges attendees to share their love of quilting.

  • Her presentation and workshops based on her book, Your Room at the End: Thoughts About Aging We’d Rather Avoid, are designed for Baby Boomers, but she also has the following to offer:
  • “Defining Your Life List/Bucket List” – When it’s time to prioritize fantasy and practicality.
  • “Setting Yourself Up for the Fun Second (or Third) Career – Tips on how to prepare for the fun career.
  • “Capturing Family Memories” – Ideas to capture your family history or personal memoirs
  • “Someone You Know Wants to be a Writer – Now What?” – Tips on how to balance reality and making the dream come true
  • “Women and Scuba: Take the Plunge” – Scuba as a sport for women and families
  • “An Inadvertent Pioneer in the Army” – Based on Charlie’s 22-year Army career and some of her groundbreaking assignments
  • “Empowering Girls and Women” – From homemaker to astronaut to CEO of a Fortune 500 company – it’s about having choices

If you have a specific topic in mind, contact Charlie to see if she can tailor one for your audience. Email for more information: