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The Corporate Side

Charlie Writes – Your Needs Taken From Thoughts and Put Into Words

  • Know your business, but having trouble putting your capabilities into words?
  • You could put them into words, but who has the time?
  • You’d love to have a professional writer, but who needs the extra overhead?

A professional freelance writer is an easy solution.  From brochures to web content, a freelance writer is a cost effective resource that can make your business life easier. You get the product you need when you need it on a by-project basis.

Charlie Hudson, a 22-year Army career officer, has more than ten years experience in high level staff work and corporate technical writing. She’s prepared presentations and reports that have been seen by senior officials in the Department of Defense, has written training guides, operational/procedural manuals, organizational histories, home show brochures, and newsletters as well as developed training material. Charlie has worked with small, not-for-profit organizations, government operations, and corporations up to the Fortune 500 level. Email or fax for more information if you need:

  • Brochures                                          
  • Case Studies                                      
  • Newsletters                                        
  • Organizational Histories                   
  • Primers
  • Reports and Summaries
  • Training Materials
  • Web Content

Popular Training as Well as Writing

Need a day away from the office routine to focus on Organizational/Interpersonal Skills?  Charlie can customize an on-site or off-site seminar for up to 20 people in high value topics such as:

  • Goal Setting                           
  • Stress Management               
  • Team Building
  • Role Clarification

Fax or email for more information.

Fax: 305 847-0268